The student will realize the importance of conserving energy whether at home, at work, or elsewhere.

The student will be able to:

1. State the importance of conserving energy 24 hours a day.

2. Describe ways to save energy in the workplace.

3. Discuss methods of encouraging more energy saving attitudes in the work place.

There are many reasons to conserve energy. Some of these are:

Even if you are not paying for the energy you use, it is still important to avoid energy waste.

Many people who are very energy conscious at home FORGET to follow energy saving practices at school or at work. Since it is important to practice energy conservation 24 hours a day, here are some hints on conserving energy in the workplace.

Lighting - An easy way to save energy is to cut down on unnecessary lighting. You can:


You may be able to give advice to those who make lighting or maintenance decisions in your building. Use fluorescent bulbs. Avoid the need for lighting at night or on weekends.

Machines - Another way to save energy is to cut down on energy waste by machines. What machines are used in your place of business? What advice could you give to help cut energy usage by these machines? Please answer on the following page.

How can you cut down on energy waste by machines in your workplace?

If you can think of a way to cut down the energy needs of the machinery in your workplace, share that knowledge with your supervisor and fellow workers.

HVAC - This abbreviation stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. This unit is a big energy user. Any action taken to reduce heating/ventilation/cooling costs can save energy and money. HVAC is the largest energy user in the home and should be energy efficient. Some ideas to save include:


Attitudes - Possibly the most important change that you could bring to the workplace is a change of attitude regarding energy conservation. To reduce energy waste, people in the workplace must make energy conservation a priority. Once YOU get motivated, perhaps you can help motivate your fellow workers. Some ways to encourage energy conservation attitudes of others include:


1. Set a good example by turning off lights and machinery and by following suggested heating and cooling practices.

2. Find interesting posters or slogans regarding energy conservation to place around the building to remind others to save energy.

3. Have an energy conservation meeting so everyone can contribute ideas that may help save energy dollars. Give prizes to the most conscientious workers or plan to use the energy dollars saved on some new item or service desired by the workers.

Activity 2:
When you are away from home -- at school, work, the gym, a friend's house, a hotel -- do you "forget" to conserve energy??

Answer the following questions as truthfully as possible with a simple yes or no.
When I am away from home, do I . . .

_____Turn on more lights than I need?

_____Leave lights on, even when leaving the room for a long period of time?

_____Light the whole room when I only need lighting in one small area?

_____Leave the water running while I wash my hands or brush my teeth?

_____Take longer, hotter, or more frequent baths or showers?

_____Use hot water when it is not necessary?

_____Forget to close doors or windows?

_____Forget to close shades against heat infiltration?

_____Set the thermostat higher or lower than the suggested settings?

_____Leave machinery, such as a computer, on all day -- even when it is not needed?

_____Use a machine on and off all day when the task could have been accomplished in one short period of time?

_____Keep the T.V. or radio on even when not watching or listening?

_____Become an all-around energy waster because "I am not paying for it"?

_____Allow other people to waste energy without making suggestions on how they could be more conservative?

_____Forget that wasting energy affects me, my family, and the planet?

Count one point for every "yes" answer. If your score is:

1 to 3: Thank you! You are energy conscious wherever you go.

4 to 6: Watch out! Do not waste energy just because you are away from home.

Above 6: Shape up! You are wasting money and energy that could be used more efficiently by everyone. Don't save just for you -- save for the planet.

How to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Building. Florida Energy Extension Service. Governor's Energy Office, 1983.

Saving Money with Energy Conservation: An Energy Audit Workbook for Office Buildings, U.S. Department of Energy. DOE/CS-0137, 1980.

Choose the word or phrase that best completes the statement.

_____1. To reduce energy bills, try to conserve
a. electricity
b. hot water
c. gasoline
d. all the above

_____2. All the following are fossil fuels except
a. natural gas
b. coal
c. biomass
d. oil

_____3. A "side effect" of some types of energy usage is
a. pollution
b. hydration
c. ruined habitats
d. a and c

_____4. Using natural lighting when possible
a. uses too much light
b. wastes energy
c. cuts energy costs
d. b and c

_____5. A big energy waster in many workplaces is constant use of
a. window shades
b. machines
d. b and c

_____6. The thermostat in the workplace should be set no higher than ____ in the winter and no lower than ____ in the summer.
a. 70° , 80°
b.72° , 62°
c. 78° , 68°
d. 68° , 78°

7. List some things that you and your classmates, or fellow workers, could begin doing today that would conserve energy in your school or workplace.





Look for advice on how to save energy and energy dollars by correct use of machines in the workplace.

Students should complete the questionnaire and compute their score. Students should then share ways in which they may improve their current energy conservation practices.

1. Energy Conservation Attitudes - Conserving energy does not come naturally to most people. In the U.S., energy has been abundant over the years. It is a conscious effort to put conservation plans into practice. People must want to save energy; they must see the need to save energy. Only then will they have an energy saving attitude.

2. Workplace - This refers to any place of business -- an office, a gas station, a construction site. Energy conservation practices should be followed in any type of workplace.

1. d
2. c
3. d
4. c
5. d
6. d
7. Students' answers may include:

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