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Notice of Flooding from Office of Coastal Management

Wednesday, December 30, 2015



Flooding of Louisiana Rivers and Streams


December 30, 2015

Effective immediately, the Assistant Secretary of the Office of Coastal Management (OCM) is authorizing those activities necessary to prevent and mitigate damages to the extent possible associated with flooding from extreme high water of area rivers and streams. In the event that new construction is needed, an after-the-fact permit application might be required.

Also, the Assistant Secretary has determined that potential damage to energy and other infrastructure in the Louisiana Coastal Zone by flooding may result in an emergency situation and that damage resulting in a threat to life, property, or the environment is covered by the emergency use provisions of the Rules and Procedures for Coastal Use Permits. Further, the Assistant Secretary has determined that due to the potential threat that flooding may cause an impact of statewide significance, all emergency uses under the jurisdiction of the Louisiana Coastal Resources Program which are necessitated for preparation, response to, and the aftermath of this flood event shall be considered uses of state concern.

Because of the potential for widespread damage associated with flooding, OCM is temporarily modifying its usual emergency authorization procedures for preparation, repair and/or restoration projects located in the Coastal Zone. This modification applies ONLY to those activities needed to restore infrastructure.

OCM reminds all emergency users to avoid and minimize impacts resulting from the activities authorized by this notice to coastal resources where possible, since compensatory mitigation for theses impacts will most likely be required.

In the event that emergency preparations or repairs are needed, emergency users are authorized to commence the necessary work at the earliest opportunity. Emergency users are to provide the Department with notification via letter, email or fax as soon as possible for documentation purposes. The notification should include:

 the name of the entity undertaking the activity,

 a description of the work performed,

 a vicinity map showing the location of the emergency work,

 and project coordinates (lat/long), if available.

notification should be directed to:

Karl Morgan

PO Box 44487

Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4487

Phone: 225-342-7591

Fax: 225-342-9439

*Unless this notice is renewed, it shall expire on February 15, 2016.


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