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La. Teachers and Students - Two Special Projects to Know About

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


February 2018

La. Teachers, Students – Two Great Ideas You Should Know About

Energy Efficiency in Schools Toolkit and Future City Design Competition

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources provides educational outreach and announces two special projects that educators and students can participate in by using innovative solutions for both local and global environmental issues of our times.

First, is the EPA’s Energy Star Energy Efficiency Student Toolkit which empowers students to team up with school management to improve energy efficiency by conducting energy use audits in theirs schools and a variety of other activities.

Second, Future City is a competitive endeavor where middle school students imagine, research, design and build a city of the future. Both projects offer learning experiences and challenges students, the best and brightest leaders of tomorrow, to address civic, ecological, and sustainability problems while participating in project planning and conservation management.

For more information on EPA’s Energy Star project, contact La. DNR Energy Office, Edward O’Brien at

For more information on Future City competition, contact La. Regional Coordinator, Brenda Nixon at and register at



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