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Physical Attribute Tool

Virtually construct restoration projects to determine an area of impact and associated cost 

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Bayou Fourche

East Grand Lake


Water Management Units

Beau Bayou

Henderson Lake

Sixmile Lake (aka Grand Lake)

Alabama Bayou

Bayou Des Glaises

Buffalo Cove

Cocodrie Swamp

Cow Island

Lake Warner

Lost Lake

Pigeon Bay

Flat Lake 

Upper Belle River

Atchafalaya basin water management units

Weather and Water Levels

Current weather and water data for the Atchafalaya Basin


Selected Publications

Final Environmental Impact Statement for Atchafalaya Basin Floodway System (USACE 1982)

State Master Plan for the Atchafalaya Basin (1998)

A Hydrodynamic Model of the Atchafalaya Basin (2012)

East Grand Lake Channel Training Report (USACE 2003)

Preliminary Classification of Water Areas Within the Atchafalaya Basin Floodway System by Using Landsat Imagery (USGS 2008)

Plan and Concepts for Multi-Use Management of the Atchafalaya Basin (EPA 1977)

2011 Atchafalaya Basin Inundation Data Collection and Damage Assessment Project (LGS 2012)

Environmental Assessment of Buffalo Cove Management Unit Water Circulation Improvements and Sediment Management Initiatives (USACE)

West Access Channel Realignment - Atchafalaya River Hydraulic Model Investigation (USACE 1989)