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Jeanerette Lumber & Shingle Co. LLC v. ConocoPhillips Co. (Legacy Project No. 016-065-002)

Starting Monday, August 09, 2021 via Zoom at 9:00 AM


The Environmental Division is responsible for implementing the ground water management program [LAC 43:Part VI.Subpart 1], the water well programs for driller licensing, well registration and enforcement (construction and plugging standards) [LAC 46:Part LXXXIX and LAC 56:Part I], and the exploration and production waste (E & P waste) program for off-site (commercial) management of E & P waste [LAC 43:XIX.Subpart 1.Chapter 5]. The division also manages all settlement and court related activity for litigation subject to the provisions of ACT 312 of 2006 pertaining to site evaluation or remediation pursuant to the ACT and LAC 43:XIX.Subpart 1.Chapter 6, and serves as technical support to other divisions for matters involving ground water impact resulting from E & P waste sources.


Exploration & Production Waste Management Section >>

The Exploration & Production (E&P) Waste Management Section is responsible for implementation of regulatory controls for commercial E&P waste storage, treatment, and disposal facilities as well as coordinating all UIC related enforcement actions brought against commercial Class II injection well operators who violate rules and regulations. Commercial E&P Waste facility operations may include the use of various treatment and disposal options such as Class II injection well disposal, land treatment, phase separation, chemical fixation, thermal desorption, cavern disposal or incineration.


Ground Water Resources Program >>

The Ground Water Resources Program was established by the Office of Conservation to identify areas of ground water concern, address ground water emergencies, and to establish best management practices and policies for the State's ground water resources.


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Legacy Remediation

Jeanerette Lumber & Shingle Co. LLC v. ConocoPhillips Co., et al.  
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 016-065-002 >>
Louisiana Wetlands, LLC et al vs Energen Resources Corporation, et al.(SNG)  
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 016-054-003 >>
Hero Lands Company, LLC vs Chevron U.S.A., et al.  
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 025-010-006 >>
Sweet Lake Land and Oil Company, LLC, vs. Oleum Operating Company, L.C., et al.  
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 014-006-001 >>
State of Louisiana and the Vermilion Parish School Board v. Louisiana Land and Exploration , et al 
15th Judicial District Court Parish of Vermilion, Docket No. 82,162 >>

» Harold J. Guidry, et al. v. BP America Production Company, et al. 
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 016-001-001 >>

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