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Outreach and Education

The mission of the Louisiana State Energy Office’s Outreach and Education Program is to promote energy efficiency and conservation by providing resources, civic engagement, and environmental education. The outreach program is designed to boost energy literacy through classroom visits, fun activities for all ages, and energy saving tips.

Louisiana Teacher Resources

Energy Lesson Plans
Complete energy lesson plans to teach your students the importance of green energy while enhancing your required curriculum. Here you'll find many creative lesson plans, labs, projects and other activities for grades K-12 on energy-related topics. Incorporate them into your classroom. Prepare your students for a greener future!

Kids' Energy Quiz
A quiz consisting of 36 multiple choice and True/False questions designed to introduce children to the basics of energy production, consumption, and conservation.

Black Gold Beneath the Bayous
A classroom teaching aid designed for Louisiana Earth Science Teachers. This tool offers factual text and graphics, music, animation, and classroom experiments.
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Energy Conservation Enhancement Project
This program provides for the enhancement of energy education curriculum materials that were developed for selected courses in the state's vocational-technical schools. The material will increase the knowledge of energy conservation / efficiency techniques. This working knowledge will enhance the students' opportunity for employment.

Louisiana Envirothon
An environmental problem-solving competition for teams in grades 6 through 12. DNR provided source material and testing on the new discipline added for 2007: Alternative & Renewable Fuels.

Envirothon 2007 Training Day Video

Envirothon 2007 Event Video

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Other Teacher Resources

Below is a list of off-site teacher resources

National Energy Education Development Project
The mission of the National Energy Education Development Project is to promote an energy conscious and educated society by creating effective networks of students, educators, business, government and community leaders to design and deliver objective, multi-sided energy education programs.

Energy Hog
Energy Hogs are everywhere–in your homes, at work, and in schools. They’re wasting energy and costing you hundreds of dollars every year. Want to stop them? Want to teach about them? Want to attract people to hear your energy saving ideas? Scout around; we have resources, games and rental information to help you bust energy hogs where ever you are.

Energy Kids
Energy Information Administration page devoted to kids. It includes classroom activities for students k-12, including experiments, energy news and classroom resources.

Energy Quest
Energy Education from the California Energy Commission

ERIC Institute of Education Sciences
The Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) is a digital library of education-related resources, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education.

National Energy Foundation
National Energy Foundation (NEF) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit educational organization dedicated to the development, dissemination, and implementation of supplementary educational materials, programs, products and services. These resources for education relate primarily to energy, water, natural resources, science and math, technology, conservation and the environment.