Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Resources

ADA Coordinator: Kayla Kirby, Human Resources Director


The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is committed to the achievement of an inclusive environment in which all individuals - including those with disabilities - are treated fairly and respectfully with equal access to the opportunities and resources offered by the Department. This includes reasonable accommodations, such as alterations to the work environment or changes in customary work practices which are not significantly difficult nor expensive. Examples include:


  • Testing:  Exemption from Testing Requirements in accordance with Civil Service Rule 22.8(a) for individuals deemed eligible for services by the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services Program;
  • Interviewing:  Accommodations which enable an applicant with a disability to participate in an interview, such as providing an interpreter;
  • Essential Functions:  Accommodations which enable an employee to perform the essential functions of the job, such as modifying work schedules, acquiring or modifying equipment, etc.;
  • Benefits and Opportunities of Employment:  Accommodations which enable an employee to enjoy the benefits and opportunities of employment, such as restructuring work areas, break rooms, and restrooms to make them available and accessible to all employees.
To request an ADA accommodation, please contact Kayla Kirby at (225) 342-4522 or

Employment Resources for Individuals with Disabilities:

The following employment-related resources are available to further assist individuals with disabilities:


     - DNR's Human Resources Policy No. 32 - Americans with Disabilities Act

     - Louisiana Employment Resource Guide from the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services

     - Employment Guide from Exceptional Lives Louisiana

     - What can YOU do? Campaign for Disability Employment