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Thursday | February 26, 2015 Location: 6:00 PM - Belle River Volunteer Fire Department, 1207-A Hwy 70, Belle River, LA
Public Hearing - Office of Conservation - FAS Environmental Services, LLC LEGAL NOTICE


DOCKET NO. ENV 2015-01

Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner of Conservation will conduct a hearing at 6:00 p.m., Thursday, February 26, 2015, at the Belle River Volunteer Fire Department located at 1207-A Hwy 70, Belle River, Louisiana.

At such hearing, the Commissioner, or his designated representative, will hear testimony relative to the application of F.A.S. Environmental Services, LLC, PO Box 760, Pierre Part, Louisiana 70339. The applicant requests approval from the Office of Conservation to construct and operate a commercial transfer station for temporary storage of exploration & production waste (E&P Waste) fluids located in Township 13 South, Range 12 East, Section 22 in St. Martin Parish.

The application is available for inspection by contacting Mr. Daryl Williams, Office of Conservation, Environmental Division, Eighth Floor of the LaSalle Office Building, 617 North 3rd Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Copies of the application will be available for review at the St. Martin Parish Council in St. Martinville and the public library in Pierre Part, Louisiana no later than 30 days prior to the hearing date. Verbal information may be received by calling Mr. Williams at (225) 342-7286.

All interested persons will be afforded an opportunity to present data, views or arguments, orally or in writing, at said public hearing. Written comments which will not be presented at the hearing must be received no later than 4:30p.m., Thursday, March 5, 2015, at the Baton Rouge Office. Comments should be directed to:

Office of Conservation
Environmental Division
P.O. Box 94275
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804
Re: Docket No. ENV 2015-01
FAS Transfer Station Application
St. Martin Parish

James H. Welsh
Commissioner of Conservation

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
December 10, 2014