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During Groundwater Awareness Week, March 9-15

DNR Office of Conservation encourages “water resource knowledge”

Monday, March 10, 2014

Baton Rouge – The state Office of Conservation announced today March 9-15, 2014, as Groundwater Awareness Week in Louisiana. The office encourages all citizens to learn more about our state’s water resources, to conserve and protect the state’s drinking water aquifers and, to make a habit of water well maintenance and checkups each spring.


Sponsored each year by the National Ground Water Association (, and recognized by many state and local governments as a way of providing information to the public about groundwater sources, its uses, and the importance of sound management practices to help sustain these resources for future generations.


Gov. Bobby Jindal’s statewide Proclamation reports that nearly half of the citizens of the state draw their daily drinking water from groundwater supplies. Most of the freshwater on Earth is indeed groundwater - found in underground aquifers. All citizens are encouraged to be good stewards of this important natural resource needed for human consumption, livestock and animals, plants, irrigation, and more.


“We have an abundant amount of groundwater in this state, capable of sustaining our current needs and future growth, but abundant is not the same as infinite,” Commissioner of Conservation Jim Welsh said, “Everyone, from government to agriculture to industry to homeowners, has a role to play in ensuring the availability of groundwater for our future by taking steps now to practice conservation.” 



Learn more about Groundwater at the following information sites on the web:


La. Department of Natural Resource -Office of Conservation Groundwater Resources Program


Groundwater Uses Facts



Louisiana Ground Water Resources Report 2012


La. Aquifers Map


Map of state’s Major Aquifers


Governor Bobby Jindal Proclamation



For further information, contact, Matthew Reonas,, Education and Public Outreach, La. Office of Conservation.



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