Office of the Secretary

Human Resources Division

The Human Resources Division provides a wide range of personnel-related services to the offices of the Department of Natural Resources.  For assistance, please feel free to contact the HR staff as follows:



Program Areas

Contact Information

Rikki Nicole David

HR Director

  •  Administration
  •  Policies
  •  Discipline/Counseling
  •  Special Pay (SER’s, 6.5g)
  •  Back-up for HR Manager

(225) 342-4522

LaSalle Bldg - Room 1267

Kayla Kirby

HR Manager

  •  Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  •  Training
  •  Workers’ Compensation
  •  Special Events Coordination
  •  Back-up for HR Specialist and HR Analyst

(225) 219-3853

LaSalle Bldg - Room 1266

Brian Haines

HR Specialist

For the Office of the Secretary (OS); Office of Mineral Resources (OMR); and Office of Coastal Management (OCM):

  •  Recruiting/New Hires
  •  Drug Testing
  •  Position Descriptions (SF-3's)
  •  Performance Evaluation System (PES)
  •  Insurance
  •  Retirement
  •  Payroll (including ePPA’s)
  •  Funding Changes
  •  Badges 

(225) 342-8232

LaSalle Bldg - Room 1265D

Joseph Freeman, III

HR Analyst

For the Office of Conservation (OC):

  •  Recruiting/New Hires
  •  Drug Testing
  •  Position Descriptions (SF-3's)
  •  Performance Evaluation System (PES)
  •  Insurance
  •  Retirement
  •  Payroll (including ePPA’s)
  •  Funding Changes
  •  Badges

(225) 342-9088

LaSalle Bldg - Room 1265C

Bobbie Scott

HR Analyst (WAE)

  •  Time Administration audits
  •  Back-up for FMLA
  •  Filing

 LaSalle Bldg - Room 1264


In accordance with Civil Service guidelines, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) electronically recruits and accepts applications for vacancies using the State Civil Service (SCS) jobs website at, also known as the LA Careers system.

Once applicants create an account, they can build, save and submit their online application to job openings throughout Louisiana State government. It is important that applicants include all relevant education and experience on their application. Through their account, applicants can also track the progress of their application throughout the hiring process.  For more detailed information, please view Civil Service's First Time User's Guide.

It is important to note that some vacancies require a passing test score before an applicant can be considered for hire. Please see Civil Service's Testing Information page for additional information.