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Jamie S. Manuel
Assistant Secretary

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617 North Third Street
LaSalle Building, 8th Floor
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Post Office Box 2827
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Virtual State Mineral and Energy Board Meeting

Wednesday, February 10, 2021 via Zoom at 9:15 am

Please be advised that because it is prudent and necessary in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the extreme risk of person-to-person transmission and in order to establish a quorum and allow for public participation, all in accordance with Governor John Bel Edwards’ Proclamations during this pandemic, the State Mineral and Energy Board (Board) will hold its February 10, 2021 Board Meeting virtually.

The meeting’s agenda can be accessed here.  The Board will utilize the online platform Zoom for Board Member and public participation and to live-stream the Board Meeting publicly.  Public comments will be accepted during the live-stream of this meeting.

To submit a comment, please use the chat feature at the bottom of the web page or when the Chairman of the Board requests public comments, please verbally request to speak, state your name, and wait to be recognized by the Chairman.  Written comments will be read aloud during the comment period for the applicable agenda item.

The live-stream information for this meeting will be available here beginning at 9:00 am on Wednesday, February 10, 2021.

To view the State Mineral and Energy Board’s certification to hold a video conference meeting, click here.  For questions regarding the virtual Board Meeting, please e-mail Byron Miller at

Note: The meeting’s agenda, certification and the on-line location for the streaming video of this meeting will be added to this notice once finalized.


Zoom App Participation Instructions

  1. To comment or present to the Board during open session, please use the app’s feature to raise your hand.  Your request will be acknowledged and the Chairman will be alerted.
  2. All microphones must remain muted during the meeting unless acknowledged by the Chairman to make comments in accordance with the request procedure above.
  3. A private message may be transmitted to the host through the app’s chat link; however, please limit these messages to urgent messages only.
  4. Please remember to be considerate of all attendees and members of the Board during this meeting or action will be taken to end participation of those not adhering to this practice.




New 2019 State Lease Form


The Office of Mineral Resources is pleased to announce that the State Mineral and Energy Board approved a new State Lease Form at the October 9, 2019 Board Meeting.  The new Lease Form will apply to all leases awarded beginning with the December 2019 Lease Sale.  Additionally, the Royalty Reduction Program that was adopted by the Board at its July 10, 2019 meeting, will be effective beginning with the leases granted at the December 2019 Lease Sale.



The Office of Mineral Resources (OMR) was established to manage the state’s mineral assets in granting and administering leases on state-owned lands and water bottoms for developing and producing, primarily oil and gas, as a means of revenue in the form of royalties, bonuses, and rentals to the state’s general fund.

OMR’s Assistant Secretary also serves as the Secretary of the State Mineral and Energy Board (Board).  OMR's staff consists of professionals such as Landmen, GIS Specialists, Geologists, Engineers, Accountants, Auditors and administrative personnel that assist with the Board’s operations and responsibilities while providing technical advice and expertise for the Board’s monthly meetings and oil and gas lease sales.

OMR is one of the largest receivers of state revenues. The office receives revenues from royalties, bonuses, rentals, interest, and fees for leases on state-owned lands and water bottoms.  Revenues from these sources comprise approximately 6 - 8% of the state's general fund.  In addition to the general fund, revenues collected also provide major sources of funding for parish governments, school boards, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, and the Department of Natural Resources.


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