Office of Conservation

Siting and Right of Way for Pipelines

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ( ) regulates interstate natural gas transmission pipelines and reviews proposals to build new interstate natural gas pipelines.

New construction of intrastate carbon dioxide or natural gas pipelines under the jurisdiction of the Office of Conservation - Pipeline Division may require the pipeline operator to request a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity or Certificate of Transportation along with a companion docket to Construct and Operate the pipeline or that portion of the pipeline as required by Louisiana Code LAC:43.XI.703 or LAC:43.XI.121 & 125 respectively from the Commissioner of Conservation.

The Office of Conservation – Pipeline Division does enforce safety regulations for intrastate hazardous liquids pipelines within the State, but the siting and location of routes is handled by the Public Service Commission(PSC).(

Other state and local agencies may also be involved in regulatory matters for intrastate natural gas pipelines.