Technology Assessment Division

Residential Energy Conservation Code Fact Sheet


Effective January 1, 2007, all 1- & 2-family dwellings in the State of Louisiana must meet the requirements of the 2006 International Residential Code (2006 IRC)

Local code enforcement officials are responsible for the issuance of building permits, plan review, inspections, and answering code related questions

Documenting Compliance

Compliance with the 2006 IRC is indicated by the submission of Compliance Forms generated by REScheckTM.  This software is a product of the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.  REScheckTM can be downloaded at

Inputting data into REScheckTM for low-rise, multifamily will typically be done in the following sequence:

1.    Select proper "code" (2006 IRC) from menu at top of REScheckTM screen

2.    Name & save file

3.    Select state and city of the project

4.    Select correct Project Type (New Construction, Addition or Alteration)

5.    Select Multifamily

6.    Input conditioned square footage of building

7.    Click "Edit Project Details" & input information describing project

8.    Click "Envelope" tab

9.    Click each "blue/white" tab that is relevant to your project.  The simplest building would have a ceiling, floor & 4 exterior walls with the appropriate windows & doors under each wall in REScheckTM.  Select building details that most closely fit your project.  Input information into all cells that contain red type.

a.    R-factors, U-Values, and SHGCs are product-specific and will be determined by the design of and purchases for the specific building.

b.    Watch lower right corner of REScheckTM screen to see pass / fail progress

10.  Input of information on "Mechanical" tab is optional but useful to building officials

11.  The mechanical category has no pass or fail status since all new equipment meets federal minimum energy efficiency guidelines

12.  Click "Save" to save final project file

13.  Select the File dropdown at the top of the window and select “Save Report”

a.    Check the box next to Compliance Certificate (the others are not required)

b.    Click OK

c.    Select a location on your computer, give the file an appropriate name, and click save

14.  Submit the report to the Office of the State Fire Marshal


If you have any questions or issues arise while using REScheckTM, contact Buddy Justice at 225-342-4498.