Office of Mineral Resources

Leasing Manual

How to Acquire a Mineral Lease on State and State Agency Lands and Water Bottoms in the State of Louisiana


Step 3: Nomination of State or State Agency Lands for Mineral Lease
A. Summary of the Nomination Process

Interested, registered parties nominate state or state agency lands or water bottoms for mineral lease by submitting proposals (called “nominations”) by application to the Office of Mineral Resources in the form it requires, generally no later than 4:30 p.m. CT on the deadline date published by the State Mineral & Energy Board. Each application must include a description of the land, including a map, on both paper and DVD or CDROM, and be accompanied by submission of a nonrefundable four hundred dollar ($400.00) processing fee made payable to the Office of Mineral Resources, as well as any other documentation and information required. LSA-R.S. 30:125; LAC 43:I.907.