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Brian Jackson
How to Bid on a Tract of Land for State or State Agency Mineral Lease

The basic procedures for bidding on a tract of land for stateAdobe Acrobat (PDF) or state agencyAdobe Acrobat (PDF) mineral lease are set forth below. For comprehensive requirements, please refer to the Leasing Manual.

Basic Procedures
  1. Register with the Office of Mineral Resources by submitting a completed Registration FormAdobe Acrobat (PDF).

  2. Check the official State Mineral & Energy Board Schedule and confirm the bid submission deadline for the State Mineral & Energy Board Lease Sale at which the tract is up for bid.

  3. Check the official advertisement, notices, and bid procedures and prepare a Bid Packet that includes the following:

    1. Bid FormAdobe Acrobat (PDF) (paper only)
    2. Portion Bid Written Property Description (paper and Word file)
    3. Portion Bid Plat (paper and PDF)
    4. Portion Bid DXF File (if applicable)
    5. Bid DVD or CDROM (Portion Bid Written Property Description, Plat, and DXF)
    6. Cash Payment
    7. 10% Leasing Fee
    8. $30.00 Per Acre Payment
  4. Submit the Bid Packet by the bid submission deadline published in the official State Mineral & Energy Board Schedule to the Office of Mineral Resources, Attention:  State Mineral & Energy Board Section, 617 North Third Street, 8th Floor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802. Lease award shall be announced on the State Mineral & Energy Board Lease Sale date published in the official State Mineral & Energy Board Schedule.