How-To Guide

Acceptable Base Map

An acceptable base map could be constructed using a Tobin or USGS quadrangle with the proposed survey boundary indicated by X, Y coordinates. X, Y’s must be indicated for each vertex (change in boundary direction) of the permit boundary, using the Louisiana State Plane Coordinate System / N A D 27, North or South zones (La.SPCS/NAD 27, NorS).  *Note, only this coordinate system is used to define the X,Y’s of seismic permits in Louisiana. Permits extending across state lines will require the use of the acceptable coordinate system for each state.

With the permit boundary indicated on a base map a prospective permittee should contact the State Land Office (SLO) at (225) 342-4578, attention John Evans or Bobby Freyou, and request a verification of state lands and water bottoms, as well as active state leases, within the permit boundary. Once the SLO verification is complete active state leases and state lands and water bottoms boundaries should then be clearly depicted, using La.SPCS/NAD 27 NorS, on the permit base map. Property under the jurisdiction of the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission and/or Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (WFC/DWF) should also be similarly depicted. Wildlife and Fisheries questions should be directed towards Mike Windham at (225) 765-2807.

An acceptable hard copy base map must be accompanied by a diskette and/or CD containing a .dxf file, that when constructed contains only the permit boundary, and there should be no additional lines, labels, text or graphics included within the boundary.  *Note, the X, Y’s in the .dxf file should match the X, Y’s from the hard copy map, as well as the list of X, Y’s required for the permit application.