Lyn Debetaz, Administrative Program Specialist 
Fleet, Property Control, & OTM
(225) 342-4816

Courtney Domingue, Administrative Program Specialist
Procurement, OSRP and UORP

617 North Third Street
12th Floor, Room 1271-1272
P.O. Box 44277
Baton Rouge LA 70804-4277
Voice 225.342.5007
Fax 225.342.8700

Management & Finance-
Procurement,Purchasing,Property Control

This office is responsible for the procurement of supplies, materials and moveable property and maintains the handling of rental and lease of equipment and repair work through state contract or competitive bidding, and direct order. This section also hold responsibility for Inventory and Property management for the Department of Natural Resources.

Current Bid List for DNR

Vendor/Contractor Center

If you would like to be part of the DNR Vendor Bid List, send the following information to the address listed to the right:

  • Complete Name
  • Complete Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Type merchandise selling

Additional Vendor/Contractor Information:

State Contract Information



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