Office of Coastal Management

Rainwater Blues

"Rainwater Blues" Educational Video developed by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources’ Office of Coastal Management's Interagency Affairs Program.

Today Nonpoint Source (NPS) pollution remains the Nation’s largest source of water quality problems. It is the reason that approximately 40% of our rivers, lakes and estuaries are not clean enough to meet basic uses such as fishing or swimming. NPS pollution is the leading source of our Nation’s water impairment.

Nonpoint source pollution, unlike pollution from industry, comes from everyone and everywhere. Rainfall picks up and carries natural and man-made pollutants and deposits them into our lakes, rivers, bayous, wetlands, estuaries and even our drinking water supplies.

The most common NPS pollutants are sediments (soils) and nutrients (like nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus), and chemicals (like pesticides, oils, metal, and herbicides), from activities such as forestry, agriculture, urban stormwater runoff, marinas and recreational boating, and hydromodification.

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Rainwater Blues was written by Gregory J. DuCote, former Coastal Scientist Manager. Lyrics and theme song by Matt Sevier.