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Southern Hills Aquifer System Updates 

Capital Area Groundwater Conservation Commission Approves Groundwater Management Plan >>


News Release - Groundwater Awareness Week, March 9-15, 2014 >>

Office of Conservation Letter to CAGWCC, Longterm Goals Concerning Salt Water Intrusion November 27, 2013 >>
Office of Conservation Letter to CAGWCC,Special Meeting Request-Saltwater Intrusion July 16, 2013 >>

News Release - U.S. Geological Survey Releases Report on Aquifer Models for Baton Rouge Area, July 15, 2013 >>

News Release - Office of Conservation, CAGWCC Set Structure to Coordinate Efforts, April 11, 2013 >>

News Release - Office of Conservation Applauds Capital Area Commission Proposal, March 14, 2013 >>

Letter to Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission (CAGWCC), Add to Agenda Lula Pumping Station Concerns
January 14, 2013 >>

East Baton Rouge Ground Water Awareness Survey, December 2012 >>

Supporting Scientific Documents Referenced in 1/14/13 Letter

  • Document 1A & Document 1B
    Illustration Plates 4 & 5, C, Feb. 1967, “Water Levels” and “Salt-Water Encroachment in Aquifers of Baton Rouge Area, Louisiana”: Louisiana Geological Survey Water Resources Bulletin No. 13, Dept. of Conservation & Louisiana Dept. of Public Works, Aug. 1969.
  • Document 2
    Griffith, J.M., and Lovelace, J.K., 2003, Louisiana ground-water map no. 16: Potentiometric surface of the "1,500-foot" sand of the Baton Rouge area, Louisiana, spring 2001: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Resources Investigations Report 03-4021, 2 sheets.
  • Document 3
    Prakken, L.B., 2004, Louisiana ground-water map no. 17: Generalized potentiometric surface of the Kentwood aquifer system and the "1,500-foot" and "1,700-foot" sands of the Baton Rouge area in southeastern Louisiana, March-April 2003: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Map 2862, 2 sheets.
  • Document 4
    Tomaszewski, D.J. and Accardo, D., 2004, Louisiana Ground-Water Map No. 20: Potentiometric Surface of the 2,000-foot Sand of the Baton Rouge Area, Louisiana, May 2002: USGS Scientific Investigations Map 2872, 2 sheets.

Order No. ENV 2012-GW011 >>Order Concerning Management Planning Strategy and Agency Actions to Address Sustainability of the Southern Hills Aquifer System Underlying the City of Baton Rouge and Surrounding Areas

Water Well Owner Order Responses:

Public Meetings Regarding the Southern Hills Aquifer System


The documents made available for public viewing on this website are for convenience only and inadvertently may not constitute the entire administrative record of Docket ENV-2012-02. To view the official record please contact John Adams at (225) 342-7889 or by email to


Docket No. ENV 2012-01 [Transcript]
Public Meeting Held March 8, 2012 [Public Notice] for Saltwater Encroachment in the Southern Hills Aquifer, Baton Rouge, LA

Docket No. ENV 2012-02 [Transcript]
Public Hearing Held April 12, 2012 [Public Notice] for Saltwater Encroachment in the Southern Hills Aquifer, Baton Rouge, LA

  • Exhibit A
    The current CAGWCC statutory authority
  • Exhibit B
    ACT 446 of 2001
  • Exhibit C
    ACT 49 of 2003 and current Office of Conservation Ground Water Resource Management statutory authority
  • Exhibit D
    The applicable sections of Louisiana law detailing Ground Water Resources Commission and Ground Water Management Advisory Task Force memberships
  • Exhibit E
    Pages of the 2006 Ground Water Resources Commission meeting transcript detailing the information provided by the director of the Capital Area Commission
  • Exhibit F.1 & Exhibit F.2
    Quarterly newsletter published by the Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission from July 2006 to the January 2012 made available to the agency and general public which includes a chronological history of the USGS Baton Rouge area solute-transport and groundwater flow model planning, development, implementation and status updates
  • Exhibit G
    EBR Metro Council Resolution No. 48944
  • Exhibit H
    Conservation's November 8, 2011 letter to CAGWCC
  • Exhibit I
    The December 13, 2011 CAGWCC response letter
  • Exhibit J
    Conservations' February 10, 2012 response letter to the EBR Metro Council
  • Exhibit K
    The Capital Region Legislative Delegation letter dated February 14, 2012
  • Exhibit L
    The March 8, 2012 public meeting transcript and written comments and exhibits under Docket Number ENV 2012-01
  • Exhibit M
    The meeting agenda for the March 14, 2012 CAGWCC technical meeting
  • Exhibit N
    The Louisiana Groundwater Resources Commission's HCR 1 report concerning the Baton Rouge area saltwater encroachment issue
  • Exhibit O
    Preliminary designs of scavenger well options submitted to Conservation by the Baton Rouge Water Company on March 29, 2012
  • Exhibit P
    The meeting agenda for the CAGWCC's regular meeting on March 20, 2012
  • Exhibit Q
    The Proof of publication of the legal notice of tonight's hearing in The Advocate
  • Exhibit R
    Signed copy of a Resolution received on April 3, 2012 from the Ascension Parish Council urging and requesting the Louisiana Commissioner of Conservation to call a hearing regarding the lowering of the water table under the parish of East Baton Rouge due to excessive pumping of groundwater

Public Documents Received in Reponse to Meetings (Exhibit S)