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This section of the Energy Conservation Enhancement Project will present the Carpentry Activity Guides originaly created for the vocational technical schools in Louisiana, USA. Much of the material contained within is generic in content and may be applied and used by many people throughout the United States and the World.

Energy Ethics
The Energy Conscious Builder
Sick Homes
Air Barriers and Vapor Barriers
Energy Efficient Framing Tips
Wall Framing
Sealants and Caulking: "Where and What to Use?"
Insulated Sheathing
Roof Materials
Overhang Length
Attic Ventilation
Cathedral Ceiling
Doors - Kinds, Types, & How to Make Energy Efficient
Wood Heating

The above lessons were originally published in 1993

Edward J. Cazayoux
Professor/Department Head, Architecture
University of Southwestern Louisiana
Raymond A. Bilello
Carpenrty Instructor

Comments or questions to: TechAsmt@LA.GOV

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