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The Times-Picayune: Crawfish season nears end as temperatures rise and mudbugs mate and burrow

LDWF: Retired LDWF Alligator Research Pioneer Honored
Louisiana Sportsman: Refuge-relax - Head to Bayou Teche NWR for a quiet day of fishing
Magnolia Reporter: To tell the truth, lye is the most effective solution against crawfish in lawns


4th of July Events:
14th Annual July 4th Hometown Celebration, July 4, 9 am - 9 pm, Bayou Plaquemine Waterfront Park.
4th of July Parade, New Iberia, 6 pm - 8 pm, Historic Downtown New Iberia/Bouligny Plaza
Lake End Park Fair, Morgan City, Friday 5 - 9 pm and Sat & Sun, 3 - 9 pm
Krotz Springs 4th of July Celebration, Nall Park, 5:30 pm
 Save the Date

Friends of the Atchafalaya monthly board meeting: 6:30 PM, June 24, at the Audubon office in Baton Rouge

LDWF Summer Day Camp for kids 12-16 years old. July 21 - 25 at the Waddill Outdoor Education Center, 4142 N. Flannery Rd. in Baton Rouge (registration required)

A Louisianian's Grand Tour in the Belle Époque exhibit at Delphine Plantation from May 10 - July 20

Bushman Craft at Longfellow-Evangeline State Historic Site on June 28th

Indian Bayou Day Hike on June 28th
Evangeline, the Movie July 1st-31st, 2014 daily showing Longfellow-Evangeline State Historic Site at 1:30 pm
Howl at the Moon Evening Paddle at Lake Martin, Pack & Paddle, Friday July 11th
Students, age 10 and up, can keep their Francophone skills sharp during this immersive program by participating in a number of activities, all the while speaking only in French. Activities will include animal care, woodworking, gardening, and many other tasks of daily life on an early Acadian or Creole homestead. 
French Fridays
 at Longfellow-Evangeline State Historic Site on July 11th, 18th and 25th
Pine Needle Basketry at Marksville State Historic Site on July 11th
Bayou Grand Gueule Afternoon Paddle, Pack & Paddle, Saturday July 12th
Les Mains Guidées : Edible Wild Plants on July 12th at Vermilionville
2014 Wood Stork & Wading Bird Event at South Farm - Sherburne WMA on July 19th

Send in your Basin Pics!

Let us know if you have an upcoming event to promote the Basin!

Checking the water:
The information below is obtained from the USGS and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and has been compiled by DNR into this format to allow a quick look at information pertinent to the Atchafalaya Basin. Click here for current weather conditions and water levels. 

Data is for 6/24/2014


Mississippi River at Cairo
Location: Southernmost gauge on the Ohio River in Illinois Reading significance - used to forecast rises on the Mississippi. Lag time, 4 to 6 days.
Flood Stage: 40'
Stage: 26.9'
24 hour change +1.0'
Forecast: expect to RISE to 30.4' by 6/29

Mississippi River, just south of ORCS, at Red River Landing
Reading: Mississippi River south of ORCS, after the diversion into the Atchafalaya
Flood Stage: 48'
Stage: 42.1'
24 hour change -0.4'
Forecast: expect to FALL to 37.8' by 6/29

Mississippi River at Baton Rouge
Flood Stage: 35'
Stage: 26.5'
24 hour change -0.3'
Forecast: expect to FALL to 22.5' by 6/29

Mississippi River at New Orleans
Flood Stage: 17'
Stage: 9.5'
24 hour change -0.2'
Forecast: expect to FALL to 9.4' by 6/29




Atchafalaya River at Melville
Flood Stage: 34'
Stage: 16.26'
Forecast: expect to FAll to 13.3' by 6/29

Atchafalaya River at Krotz Springs
Flood Stage: 29'
Stage: 14.18'
Forecast: expect to FALL to 11.4' by 6/29

Atchafalaya River above Butte Larose
Flood Stage: 20'
Stage: 10.78'
Forecast: expect to RISE to 8.5' by 6/29

Atchafalaya River at Bayou Sorrell Locks on the GIWW
Flood Stage: 12'
Stage: 6.3'
Forecast: expect to FALL to 5.6' by 6/29

Atchafalaya at Millet (Myette) Point
Flood Stage: 15'
Stage: 6.91'
Forecast: expect to FALL to 6.5' by 6/29

Atchafalaya River at Morgan City
Flood Stage: 6'
Stage: 3.85'
Forecast: expect to FALL to 3.4' by 6/29

Murphy Lake near Bayou Sorrel
Stage: 11.31'

Lower Grand River at Bayou Sorrel
Stage: 7.92'

Bayou Courtableau
Stage: 18.31'

Buffalo Cove at Round Island
Stage: 7.82'

Arm of Grand Lake near Crook Chene
Stage: 9.71'

Middle Fork, Bayou Long
Stage: 4.74'

Pontoon Bridge at Butte Larose
Stage: 7.57'

Bayou Darby at Fausse Pt. Cut
Stage: 14.23'

Lake Pelba at I-10, Henderson
Stage: 11.49'



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