Dear Louisiana Citizen:

RE:     Act 955 of 2010 - Surface Water Sales

As part of continuing efforts to improve the management of Louisiana's surface water resources, we are asking citizens to voluntarily provide information about surface water sales in the state. We have identified interested persons or groups that may have information and data that will assist us with surface water management research.

Please help us gather the following information.

o   Location of the water resource

o   Date of the sale

o   Date water was removed

o   Total volume of water sold

o   Price per volume of water  

We have developed an online survey to facilitate this process. For your convenience, we have a link to the web-based survey below. We are only interested in the data requested and not any personal identification.  The results of the survey will be made available to the public.

Click this link to begin the survey-

Be sure to click DONE, when finished.

Thank you for your participation in this research.


Louis Buatt

Assistant Secretary, Office of Coastal Management.

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

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