Abbreviations and Acronyms
AC Alternating Current
AL&P Arkansas Light & Power Company
AP&L Arkansas Power & Light Company
CAAA Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990
CLECO Central Louisiana Electric Company, Inc.
CSW Central & South West Corporation
DC Direct Current
DNR Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
DSM Demand-Side Management
DOE/EIA U.S. Department of Energy/Energy Information Administration
EPACT Energy Policy Act of 1992
EP&L Electric Power and Light Corporation
EWG Exempt Wholesale Generator
FERC Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
FPC Federal Power Commission
GW Gigawatt (One million kilowatts)
GWH Gigawatthour (One million KWH)
GSU Gulf States Utilities Company
IPP Independent Power Producer
KW Kilowatt (1,000 watts)
KWH Kilowatthour (1,000 watthours)
LEPA Louisiana Energy and Power Authority
LPPA Louisiana Public Power Authority
LP&L Louisiana Power & Light Company
LPSC Louisiana Public Service Commission
MP&L Mssissippi Power& Light Company
MSU Middle South Utilities, Inc.
MW Megawatt (1,000 KW)
MWH Megawatthour (1,000 KWH)
NERC North American Electric Reliability Council
NERC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NOPSI New Orleans Public Service Inc.
NUG Non-Utility Generator
PUHCA Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935
PURPA Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978
QF Qualifying Facility as defined by PURPA
REA Rural Electrification Administration
RTG Regional Transmission Group
SPA Southwestern Power Administration
SPP Southwest Power Pool
SRAL Sabine River Authority of Louisiana
SRAT Sabine River Authority of Texas
SWEPCO Southwestern Electric Power Company

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