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Orders Management Section

David Elfert

Pam LeBlanc
Section Supervisor
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Stacey Bint
District Geologist
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Marcia Vice
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The Orders Management Section is responsible for the preparation and review of Office of Conservation Orders prior to the Commissioner's signature. The section provides the Geological Division with order tracking to insure that the issuance of orders is timely with respect to the overall hearing docket evaluation process and the Office of Conservation's performance standards policies by maintaining close contact with the Geological Division's staff.  The Orders Management Section provides guidance to unitization professionals relating to order format and content to ensure compliance with Office of Conservation policies.

Proposed forms of Order for normal hearings and critical date hearings can be sent via email to the Orders Management Section. Requests for critical date hearings must be accompanied by the Estimated Economic Impact Statement. Questions and requests can be directed to contact information provided on this page. 

All Conservation Orders are now available on the Internet for download via the Document Access component DNR's Strategic Online Natural Resources Information System (SONRIS). Certified copies of Office of Conservation Orders are issued by the section upon request.