SONRIS Frequently Asked Questions

What options does SONRIS offer?

Where can I get more information on the Data Subscription offerings?

SONRIS Workshop Presentations and research guides can be found via this link.

Want to learn more? Follow this link to sign up to be notified when our next SONRIS workshop is scheduled.

Data Portal

Having trouble viewing the menu options? Press CTRL and + to increase your resolution.

Can't find your favorite Data Access report? It has likely moved. Review the SONRIS Data Portal Index to find its new home.

Save your favorite reports as bookmarks- follow this link to learn how!


What is IDR?

    Located in SONRIS Data Portal, Interactive Data Reports (IDR) are criteria specified, dynamic reports that can be exported to several different formats, including Excel. IDR replaces cumbersome ROD. Follow this link for an index of IDRs by topic.


What is SONRIS Lite?

    Located in SONRIS Data Portal, Lite reports are HTML based that do not require Java for simple and fast access.

Report and PDF

What are Reports?

    Located in SONRIS Data Portal, these are PDF online generated Reports. Some of them require parameters.

What is PDF in SONRIS Data Portal?

    These are pre-generated static reports.

Does DNR provide electronic versions of these forms?

    All available options are available under SONRIS Data Portal.


What is Standard?

    Located in SONRIS Data Portal, the Standard application is a forms-based solution that requires Java.

What happens if I see this pop-up?

    You can click Run, and the application will load.

I can't see all of a form or screen... what do I do?

    Increase the resolution of your desktop display to a higher resolution. Most SONRIS Standard forms are optimized for 1024x768 resolution.

Why does my browser window disappear briefly?

    When you are in SONRIS Standard, and you click on a button (e.g., WELL ENGINEERING INFORMATION), the browser window may temporarily disappear while SONRIS is displaying the actual form that you requested. This is normal.

What is a list of values and how do I do it?

    Certain fields on a form have available what is called a "list of values." By pressing the F9 key, SONRIS will pop open a small window containing all of the valid values from which you can choose.

What does this pop-up mean?

    Oracle has sent out warning that in the future, you must license Java to use it. The applications that require Java in SONRIS currently will only run with Java 7 or Java 8. Java 7 will remain free as it is not being updated any longer. Java 8 will continue to be free and updated through January 2019 (or Dec 2020, for personal use). At that point, you can continue to use Java 8. You will not be able to download updates for Java 8 after that date; however, you will be able to continue using Oracle Java 8 indefinitely without updates.

Document Access

What can I do in Document Access?

    Access stored documents.

Does Document Access require add-ons?

    Yes, Adobe reader for pdf files, and IrfanView for large document display such as well logs.

I am not receiving any results. What's up?

    Your popup blocker must be turned off for Document Access. Results populate in a new window.


Is there a user guide for SONRIS GIS?

More questions? Contact us!