Louisiana Clean Marina Program

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Jon Truxillo

The Louisiana Clean Marina Program promotes and celebrates voluntary adoption of measures to assist marinas and recreational boaters in protecting Louisiana’s waters. Designated “clean marinas” are recognized as environmentally responsible businesses and enjoy the positive goodwill and economic feedback of being able to promote their business as a Certified Louisiana Clean Marina.

Clean Marina operators adopt Best Management Practices (BMPs) in the operation and maintenance of their marinas. These BMPS are provided to operators in a guidebook and in other educational materials. In addition, technical help and advice is provided by members of the various Louisiana Clean Marina member committees.  Clean Marina Certification is achieved after a marina has met a minimum score on the checklist criteria based on BMP practices or options. Operators will conduct self-assessments which will be verified by representatives of the Certification Committee

Clean water is important to all of us.  On way for recreational boaters to help improve Louisiana’s water quality is to reduce the overboard discharge of sewerage.  Both Federal and State Laws Prohibit the Discharge of Untreated Sewage from vessels within Louisiana’s Waters.  Here is a list of Louisiana Marinas with Sanitary Sewerage Pump-Out Facilities.  

The Clean and Resilient Marina Program calls for the promotion and expansion of resilient and environmentally responsible operations and best management practices in Gulf State’s marinas. It builds on the Gulf of Mexico States’ proven Clean Marina Certification Programs. This improved program complements Louisiana Clean Marina practices already in place and provides additional recommendations to strengthen local marinas’ ability to withstand natural and man-made disasters.

For more information visit the Gulf of Mexico Alliance Clean and Resilient Marina Initiative

Certified Clean Marinas
  • Houma Downtown Marina, P.O. Box 6097, Houma, LA 70361/8228 Park Avenue, Houma LA 70364
  • Contact: Anne Picou, (985)873-6408
  • Marina Beau Chêne, 900 Marina Blvd., Mandeville, LA 70471
  • Contact: Craig Babylon, (985)845-3454, (225)773-5457
  • Marina Del Ray
  • Contact: Anthony Cassard, 100 Marina Del Ray Dr., Madisonville, LA 70447, (985)845-4474
  • Orleans Marina, 221 Lake Marina Ave., New Orleans, LA 70124
  • Contact: Helaine Millner, (504)288-2351
  • Pelican Pointe’ Marina, 27001 Chef Hwy, New Orleans, LA 70129
  • Contact: Gary Landrieu, (504)460-6101
  • SeaBrook Harbor, 5801 France Road, New Orleans, LA 70126
  • Contact: Jeffrey Montz, (504)283-6001, (888)424-8988
  • South Shore Harbor Marina, 6701 Stars and Stripes Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70126
  • Contact: Hellaine Millner, (504)245-3152 
  • Myrtle Grove Marina, 161 Marina Rd., Port Sulphur, LA 70083
  • Contact: Rhonda Baudot, (504)656-2267
  • Bowtie Marina,1245 Giovanni St., Lake Charles, LA 70601
  • Contact: Doug Shearman, 337-478-0130