Coastal Zone Boundary

Louisiana's Coastal Zone Inland boundary was modified in the 2012 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature with the passage of House Bill 656 (Act 588); those changes become effective on June 7, 2012 upon signature by the Governor. The boundary changes are based on the recommendations of a science-based study conducted for and approved by the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, in response to Senate Concurrent Resolution 60 of the 2009 Legislative Session that was submitted to the Legislature for consideration.

The boundary changes affect 10 of the 20 existing coastal parishes. No new parishes were added and no parishes previously in the coastal zone were removed as part of this legislative change. The Louisiana Coastal Zone now includes additional area in eight parishes (Calcasieu, Cameron, Iberia, St. Mary, St. Martin, Assumption, Terrebonne and Lafourche); the Coastal Zone area was reduced in 2 parishes (Livingston and Tangipahoa); and no changes were made in the Coastal Zone boundaries of the remaining 10 parishes. Click here to view an updated Coastal Zone Boundary Map.

The 2012 Louisiana Coastal Zone Boundary maps with the Coastal Zone boundary are available from the Office of Coastal Management (OCM). If you would like a map shipped to you, please provide either a Fed Ex or UPS account number and the method of shipment. If you have any questions about obtaining these maps, please contact Lea Ann Baker at (225) 342-7591 or 800-267-4019.


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Coastal Zone Boundary Maps and Shapefiles (2012)

  • Assumption, Cameron, Lafourche, St. Mary, & Terrebonne Parishes
  • Calcasieu Parish
  • Florida Parishes
  • Iberia Parish
  • St. Martin Parish
  • Coastal Zone Boundary Map
  • Overview Coastal Zone Boundary Map
  • Coastal Zone Boundary Map with Contact Information
  • Overview Map of Changes to Coastal Zone Boundary
  • Coastal Zone Boundary Shapefile


    Online Coastal Use Permit Application


    CZB Study Documents:

  • CZB Study Report - October 2010 (FINAL) 
  • Defining Louisiana's Coastal Zone - Revised November 16, 2010
  • Appendix A SCR 60 of 2009
  • Appendix B CPRA CZB Resolution
  • Appendix C Legislative History
  • Appendix D Expanding the Coastal Zone Boundary
  • Local Government Participation in the Coastal Zone Management Program  
  • Status Report on the Re-evaluation of the Louisiana Coastal Zone Boundary 12-09-2009
  • The Louisiana Coastal Zone Boundary Presentation