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This page contains links to various Office of Conservation documents of interest to the public, including data, forms, reports, publications, newsletters, and other items.

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The Office of Conservation has begun to incorporate some forms that can be Filled-in, Saved & Printed using Adobe Reader. Look for the symbol in the table below for forms that have been converted to this format. Please refer to the Forms Assistance page for guidance in using these forms.

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DT-1 Gas Well Deliverability Test Excel   PDF
Gas Well Deliverability Test (Instructions)     PDF
DM-1R Oil Well Potential Report Excel   PDF
Oil Well Potential Report (Instructions)     PDF
Conservation Online Oil & Gas Database Query
Conservation Weekly Scout Reports
Conservation Field (Unit) Orders
Conservation Production Audit Cards
Conservation Well Records and Permits (Currently only wells permitted on or after 12/1/1999)
Historic Oil & Gas Field Map Index