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This page contains links to various Office of Conservation documents of interest to the public, including data, forms, reports, publications, newsletters, and other items.

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The Office of Conservation has begun to incorporate some forms that can be Filled-in, Saved & Printed using Adobe Reader. Look for the symbol in the table below for forms that have been converted to this format. Please refer to the Forms Assistance page for guidance in using these forms.

Pipelines Division
Gas & Hazardous Liquids
Failure Investigation Report   Word PDF
Notice of Construction   Word PDF
Operator Qualification Inspection Form   Word PDF
Operator Qualification Protocols   Word PDF
OQ Protocol 9 Field Inspection Form   Word PDF
Pipe Data and Operating Stresses Form   Word PDF
Gas Distribution
Incident Report Form   Word PDF
Incident Report Form (Instructions)   Word PDF
Small Operator Guide for Natural Gas     PDF
OQ Guide for Small Distribution Systems     PDF
Gas Transmission
Incident Report Form   Word PDF
Incident Report (Instructions)   Word PDF
Hazardous Liquids
Accident Report Form   Word PDF
Accident Report Form (Instructions)   Word PDF
Integrity Management Inspection Form (Small Operators)   Word PDF
Regulations & Enforcement
Drug and Alcohol Regulations   Word PDF
Gas Enforcement Policy   Word PDF
Gas Regulations     PDF
Hazardous Liquid Regulations     PDF
Hazardous Liquid Enforcement Policy   Word PDF
PLS-OR-1 Organization Report for Pipeline Operators (now Online)      
OR-1 Online User Guide     PDF
PLS-OR-1 Organization Report 2018 Excel   PDF
Pipeline Safety Inspection Forms    Word PDF
Pipelines Operations
Forms below are to be used in connection with an application hearing.
  2018 Pipeline Hearing Schedule & Application Deadlines     PDF
  Interested Party List     PDF
CNG App CNG Application Template   Word  
CNG-100 CNG Facility Construction, Aquisition or Replacement   Word PDF
CNG-101 Change in CNG Service   Word PDF
CNG-102 Abandonment of CNG Service and/or Facility   Word PDF
CNG-200 CNG Incident and/or Accident Report   Word PDF
PL-1(A) Application for Abandonment of Facilities   Word PDF
PL-1(B) Application for Abandonment of Services   Word PDF
PL-2 Application for Approval to Interconnect Pipelines   Word PDF
PL-3 Brief of Contract for Intrastate Natural Gas   Word PDF
PL-3 (EN) Expedited Notice - Contract for Intrastate Natural Gas   Word PDF
PL-4 Application for Construction, Acquistion or Replacement of Facilities   Word PDF
Damage Prevention
  Damage Prevention Complaint Form    Word PDF