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UIC Permitting Workshop Outlines & Presentations

The Injection and Mining Division hosted a number of workshops designed to educate and instruct injection well operators, consultants, and others involved in preparing injection well applications. This instructional training was provided to offer a greater degree of success in achieving all administrative requirements necessary for a complete application. The training included an interactive exchange of lectures, classroom exercises, and participant input. Below is a table of the topics presented, the name and email address links to the presenters, the prepared outlines, and the presentations.

Due to the file size of the Presentations, we do not recommend opening them directly from the webpage. Please download and save them to your computer, and then open them for reveiw.

Topics Presenters Outlines Presentations
UIC Permiting Process Joe Ball

USDW Search

Kaycee Garrett,
Luzma Leder

Location Plats, AORs, & MIGPOTs Teresa Rougon,
Luzma Leder,
Angela Howard
Logging Requirements Jeff Miller
Matt Simon
Class II SWDs, ERs, & Annulars Teresa Rougon,
Angela Howard
Class I, Class II & III Cavern Wells, & Class V Teresa Rougon,
Luzma Leder,
Jeff Miller

Other UIC Applications:
UIC-14s, UIC-17s, UIC-WH1s, & UIC-P&As 

Greg France,
Kay Smothers

Reporting, Monitoring, Inspection, & Compliance

Kaycee Garrett,
Pierre Catrou