Lake Providence Watershed Council (LPWC)

The Lake ProvidenLake Providence Locationce Watershed Council (LPWC), interested stakeholders, and all those involved in the project to preserve, protect, and enhance the quality of Lake Providence located in East Carroll Parish - now and for generations to come. The LPWC was formed as a result of Senate Conncurrent Resolution (SCR) 115 of 2015. The LPWC is comprised of appointees who have been tasked with the development of a plan for the management of the Lake Providence Watershed. During 2015, the LPWC met with interested parties to discuss water quality issues and to develop the management plan.  

LPWC Appointees 

Kevin Wafford, LA Dept of Agriculture and Forestry

Amanda Vincent, LA Dept of Environmental Quality

William Smith, LA Dept of Health

Thomas Van Biersel, LA Dept of Natural Resources

Lake Providence Map

Ricky Moses, LA Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries

Senator Francis Thomspon, Senate District 34

Donna Winters, Senate Designee

Mark Brown, Senate Designee

Representative Andy Anders, House District 21

Jim Lensing, House Designee

Andy Brister, House Designee

Lee Danny, East Carroll Police Jury 

Francis Lensing, East Carroll Police Jury

Reynolds Minsky, East Carroll Sheriff    

Teddy Scheider, Mayor Lake Providence 


LPWC Meetings







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