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“Atchafalaya Geocache Series” - Outdoor Exploring from DNR Atchafalaya Basin Program

Friday, June 30, 2017
DNR ABP Geocache Coin

The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Atchafalaya Basin Program has added a new attraction to draw in and educate visitors to the Basin through the creation of the Atchafalaya Geocache Series – a geocaching scavenger hunt that highlights important historical, natural and man-made features of the Basin tied to the water flow that sustains it.

The region is defined by water and the Atchafalaya Basin Program developed this cost-effective approach to bring awareness and attention to the story of how that water has historically shaped the Basin and how that water is managed to maintain the crown jewel of Louisiana’s natural resources.

Atchafalaya Basin Program staff identified 24 locations in and around the Atchafalaya Basin that are integral to the water story, and then placed geocaches at each of these locations.  Geocaching is basically a real-world treasure hunt in which people use GPS-enabled devices to navigate to specific locations.  The Atchafalaya Geocache Series is an opportunity for people of all ages to explore the Atchafalaya Basin – designed so that all locations are publically accessible and can be reached without needing a boat. Locations range from near the Old River Control Structure in the North to Morgan City in the South, highlighting such things as access point to the Basin and water control structures such as flood gates.  Additionally, the first 200 people to complete the series are eligible to receive a limited edition Atchafalaya Basin Coin.

 The Atchafalaya Geocache Series is open to the public now and is intended to be a permanent feature for the enjoyment of visitors to the Basin. It was conceived and implemented as a means of outreach and raising awareness as part of Atchafalaya Basin Program’s efforts responsibility to conserve, restore, enhance and promote the Basin.

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