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DNR Receives 2011 STRONGER Review on Hydraulic Fracturing

Report Cites DNR Conservation's Program as Well-Managed

Friday, March 11, 2011

BATON ROUGE – This week, STRONGER Inc., released a review of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources' Office of Conservation’s regulation of hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells. 


The six-person review team concluded that the Louisiana hydraulic fracturing program is well- managed, professional and meeting its program objectives. 


Scott Angelle, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources said,


“The Office of Conservation works diligently to ensure that hydraulic fracturing in Louisiana is regulated in such a way that allows the oil and gas industry to continue to successfully and safely operate while providing our state with the revenues that allow Louisiana to carry out many critical services.




James Welsh, Commissioner of the Louisiana Office of Conservation said,


“I am pleased to reiterate the conclusion of the STRONGER review team that Louisiana’s hydraulic fracturing regulatory program is well-managed. The team also recognized the Office of Conservation efforts to make adjustments as needed, particularly, with the upsurge in Haynesville Shale drilling operations over the past several years.



“In September 2009, new water usage reporting was put into place.  Since September 2010, surface water management agreements have been authorized.  For several years now, the department’s website has been recognized for its public education efforts, providing extensive information on the Haynesville Shale and Ground Water Resources program.



“Additionally, Conservation has been working to address internal staff training to keep pace with technological advances in the industry, specifically reviewing web-based education courses for staff and field agents.



“Incidentally, the Office of Conservation also has plans to announce draft rules that will address the recommendations mentioned in the report as well as a few other related environmental issues. We feel like we have been working a step ahead in order to balance responsible development and protection of our water and natural resources. As we continue to lay-out changes and make adjustments in the regulatory processes, we believe Louisiana can have a stand-out program among the producing states.”



Copies of the Louisiana Hydraulic Fracturing Review are available here.

News Release by STRONGER-State Team Review of Oil and Gas Environmental Regulations-3/11/2011. 

News Release by LMOGA-3/14/2011.

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