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Water Well Drillers and Contractors

General Information

The primary goal of the Office of Conservation's Water Well program is to ensure the correct construction, installation, and registration of water wells in the state according to established rules and practices. The extensive regulations promulgated to oversee this effort are intended to guarantee not only the orderly development of Louisiana's groundwater resources but also the protection of the quality and sustainability of these resources for the future.

The agency's governing authority over water well construction and well driller licensure is found in Revised Statutes Title 38, Section 3098 (R.S. 38:3098-Chapter 13-B: Subsurface Water Well Drillers), which provides for the creation of "reasonable rules and regulations for the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this Chapter as well as for the proper drilling and abandonment of wells and holes." The agency's power is broad and extends to the issuance of compliance orders and civil penalties for improper adherence to the established rules, and even to the revocation of licensure, if necessary.

Below you will find information critical to the operation of the agency’s Water Wells program, including links to rules and regulations, important forms, and the licensing process. Our goal for this program is 100% compliance. The staff is here to assist you in meeting your particular compliance requirements. Please do not hesitate to call or write with any questions or concerns.


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       Guidance Manual for Environmental Boreholes and Monitoring Systems


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Registration and Plugging and Abandonment

The contractor who drills or constructs a well or hole shall be responsible for registering that well or hole by submitting to the Office of Conservation a completed Water Well Registration Form (GW-1 or GW-1S) within 30 calendar days after completing such well or hole.

Registration requirements shall apply to all water wells, regardless of yield or use, including but not limited to, public supply, domestic, irrigation/agriculture, power generation, rig-supply, observation, dewatering, monitoring, and heat pump supply wells, as well as test holes, abandoned pilot holes, and heat pump holes.

Likewise, a contractor who agrees to plug an abandoned well or hole for the well owner shall be fully responsible for plugging the well or hole in accordance with the rules, regulations and standards of LAC 56 and for completing and submitting a Water Well Plugging and Abandonment Form (GW-2) to the deparment within 30 calendar days after completion of the plugging operation.

For additional information on water well registration and plugging and abandonment, see LAC 56 above.

Prior Notification

The Office of Conservation requires a 60-day prior notification for the construction of all water wells in the state, with the exception of oil and gas rig supply, drought relief, replacement, and domestic wells.

Thus, prior to the construction of water wells such as, but not limited to, those for industrial, public supply, irrigation, or de-watering purposes, the licensed driller must confirm that the Office of Conservation has received and responded to a water well installation notification to ensure the proper evaluation of pumping amounts and potential local impacts upon an aquifer or other wells in the area.

For additional information on water well notification requirements, see LAC 43 - Ground Water Management

Licensed Water Well Drillers

To Obtain a Water Well Driller License the Applicant must:

  1. Be 18 years of age or older
  2. Be of good, moral character
  3. Have a minimum of two years experience drilling water wells under the supervision of a licensed water well driller
  4. Complete an application in full and have it notarized
  5. Have two reference forms completed by licensed water well drillers
  6. Pay the $100.00 Application Fee (Check should be made out to the Louisiana Department of Energy and Natural Resources)
  7. Attend a quarterly meeting of the Advisory Committee for the Regulation & Control of Water Well Drillers and discuss drilling plans with the Committee
  8. Take and pass the Water Well Drillers Test

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For further questions, please contact Joshua Vu  at (225) 342-5718.


Yearly Requirements to Maintain a Water Well Driller License

  1. Complete and submit a License Renewal Form by June 30
  2. Pay the $100.00 License Renewal Fee (Check should be made out to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development) by June 30
  3. Complete 6 hours of Agency approved Continuing Education
  4. Operate in compliance with all water well related regulations


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*For a copy of the 2024-2025 Louisiana Water Well Driller License Renewal packet, please contact*

Current & Past Accepted Continuing Education Providers

LA Ground Water Association

National Ground Water Association

National Drilling Association

International School of Well Drilling


All Star Training


Note: Courses offered by these organizations, as well as others not listed here, may count as Continuing Education if they are drilling related and not specific to other state's rules and/or regulations. For questions about individual courses, please contact Joshua Vu at (225) 342-5718.


Advisory Committee for the Regulation & Control of Water Well Drillers


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