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For Water Well Owners


General Information

The primary goal of the Office of Conservation's Water Wells program is to ensure, according to established rules and practices, water wells in the state are properly:

  1. Constructed
  2. Installed
  3. Registered
  4. Plugged and Abandoned

To this end, the agency oversees water well driller licensure in order to verify well driller's technical competency. The agency works with both well drillers and well owners to promote compliance with state regulations.


Responsibilities of a Water Well Owner

Prior Notification For Water Well Construction

The Office of Conservation requires a 60-day prior notification for the construction of all water wells in the state. (WITH THE EXCEPTION of oil and gas rig supply, drought relief, replacement, and domestic wells).

  1. Thus, prior to the construction of non-exempt water wells, the well owner must submit a water well installation notification to, and receive approval from, the Office of Conservation.
  2. Non-Exempt wells include, but are not limited to, those for industrial, public supply, irrigation, or de-watering purposes.
  3. Prior notification allows agency staff to conduct a proper evaluation of any potential impacts upon the local aquifer or other water wells in the area.
  4. Although the agency requires well drillers to confirm that a notification has been received and approved, the responsibility for notification belongs solely to the well owner.

For additional information on water well notification requirements see LAC 43 - Ground Water Management


Notification Process


Review the instructions on the second page of the Water Well Notification Form (GWR-01) to determine the well use type and if the notification is required to be submitted either 60 days prior to drilling the water well or 60 days post-construction.

Note: Converting a drilling rig supply well to a frac water supply well or other well use except for domestic use also requires 60 days prior notification.

        Water Well Use Types

        60 Day


        1. Dewatering
        2. Frac Water Supply
        3. Industrial
        4. Irrigation
        5. Power Generation
        6. Public Supply


        60 Day


        1. Domestic
        2. Drilling Rig Supply
        3. Drought Relief
        4. Replacement


For Information related to specific situations, please email our office with the location of the potential well at


Water Well Registration 

Louisiana law requires that all new water wells constructed in the state, and older wells that have been re-worked, be registered with the Office of Conservation. A Water Well Registration Form is to be submitted to the agency within 30 days of completion.

Additional information regarding water well registration can be found on the Water Well Drillers webpage.

Owners of un-registered water wells (constructed prior to November 1, 1985) are encouraged to register their wells with the agency. Registration ensures proper tracking, safeguards the environment from potential contamination, and guarantees the well owner a voice in the evaluation process.

Access the SONRIS (pronounced SUNRISE)online database to confirm a water well has been registered. Click on the Orange Box in the left side bar. Or follow these links:

Changes in Information

To update information, including changes in use or transfers of ownership, submit a Water Well Notification Form; check Box B for 'Information Change from earlier form', and fill in the appropriate areas on the form.

Plugging and Abandonment

Plugging and abandonment (P&A) of water wells must be conducted by a licensed Water Well Driller in accordance with the rules and regulations found in LAC 56 (Chapter 5, Section 511), with only certain exceptions.

  1. The well owner is responsible for ensuring the proper plugging of a water well within 90 days of abandonment.
  2. The licensed Water Well Driller shall notify the Office of Conservation within 30 days of the completion of this work.

Water Well Testing

The well owner is responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of the water well, as well as for any water quality testing that may be desired. For more information see:

Additional Information

      Ground Water Usage Reports


    Monthly Ground Water Usage Reports are required for owners of non-domestic water wells in an area of ground water concern.
    1. Owners of each non-domestic water well, in an area of ground water concern, must submit a monthly report form.
    2. Must be submitted within 60 days of the end of the report month.
    3. Forms are provided by the Office of Conservation.
    4. Forms are sent to the Commissioner showing the amount of water pumped on a monthly basis and the purpose for which it was used.
    5. The static water level in the well shall be reported when such information is available to the owner.