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The Legacy Site Remediation Program is responsible for the management and regulatory oversight of Louisiana lawsuits with property claims of environmental damages from oilfield site operations subject to the provisions of LSA-R.S. 30:29 (ACT 312 of 2006, or ACT 312). Property with oilfield sites covered by the provisions of ACT 312 are commonly referred to as Legacy Sites. During active litigation prior to settlements or decisions by reviewing courts, ACT 312 court petitions and notices of settlements are required to be filed with the Office of Conservation. Environmental testing results at Legacy Sites are required by LSA-R.S. 30:29.1 to be provided to the agency for regulatory review. The agency also receives court orders and directives for site evaluation or remediation feasible plan hearings and determinations in accordance with LAC 43:XIX.Subpart 1.Chapter 6. Procedures for Hearings and the Submission and Approval of Plans for the Remediation of E and P Sites. Following due process, program staff provide regulatory oversight of the implementation and completion of Legacy Site evaluation and remediation work plans and activities for compliance with applicable Louisiana environmental contamination mitigation requirements.


Legacy Remediation


Jack R. Gamble Jr. v. Indigo Minerals LLC, No. 81488   
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 042-003-001 >>


August Levert, Jr., Family, LLC et al. v. BP American Production Co., et al.   
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 018-028-002 >>


Henning Management, LLC v. Chevron U.S.A. Inc., et al.   
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 031-023-003 >>


H. C. Drew Estate v. ConocoPhillips Co.Neumin Production Company, et al.  
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 014-020-001 >>


Jeanerette Lumber & Shingle Co. LLC v. ConocoPhillips Co., et al.  
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 016-065-002 >>


Louisiana Wetlands, LLC et al vs Energen Resources Corporation, et al.(SNG)  
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 016-054-003 >>


Hero Lands Company, LLC vs Chevron U.S.A., et al.  
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 025-010-006 >>


Sweet Lake Land and Oil Company, LLC, vs. Oleum Operating Company, L.C., et al.  
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 014-006-001 >>


State of Louisiana and the Vermilion Parish School Board v. Louisiana Land and Exploration , et al 
15th Judicial District Court Parish of Vermilion, Docket No. 82,162 >>


Harold J. Guidry, et al. v. BP America Production Company, et al. 
DNR OC Legacy Project No. 016-001-001 >>



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