Office of Mineral Resources

Mineral Income Division

Taletha Shorter
Audit Director

617 North Third Street (70802)
P.O. Box 2827
Baton Rouge Louisiana 70821-2827
Voice 225.342.3069


Houston Office

3838 N. Sam Houston Parkway E.
Suite 460
Houston, TX 77032-3423
Voice 832.456.1535
Fax 832.456.1536

The Mineral Income Division works closely with the State Mineral and Energy Board's (Board) audit section.  This Division performs collection and accounting of revenue due the State from mineral leasing activity and production on State-owned lands and water bottoms on behalf of the Board.  To ensure that all revenues are properly classified, the Division enters the payor information on new and existing LUW codes (Lease, Unit, Well) into the SONRIS Program.  The Division also generates and processes Payor Registers which are mailed to the various payors for verification of State Decimals. 

The Division also performs audits of payor companies, including audits of major companies every three years, with auditors based in Houston and Dallas, Texas, as well as Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  The field auditors work onsite at payor company offices, reviewing company records of items such as product allocation, volumes production and disposition, sales revenue and deductions, and oil and gas contracts, to determine compliance with payment obligations.



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Taletha Shorter
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