Technology Assessment Division

Residential Energy


Energy Efficient Homes in Louisiana
A guide to key elements of energy efficient home construction that saves money, improves indoor air quality, enhances comfort, prevents moisture problems, and increases the long term durability of the building.

Quick Notes on Residential Energy Efficiency
Booklet based on series of workshops that provide information to the homeowner about energy efficiency

Manual for the Environmental & Climatic Responsive Restoration and Renovation of Older Houses in Louisiana
A guide to energy conservation in buildings that are part of our architectural and cultural heritage in Louisiana

Energy Ratings

The Home Energy Rating
Evaluation and rating of energy efficiency of homes

Energy Efficient Financing

Energy Efficient Mortgages
Energy Efficient Mortgages allow borrowers to qualify for higher loan amounts to cover the cost of energy efficiency improvements that are verified through a home energy rating.

Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)
Through the HELP program, a homeowner can obtain a five year loan to improve the energy efficiency of their existing home.

Energy Codes

Building Energy Codes
Information about building energy codes for residential and commercial construction in Louisiana

Demonstration Projects and Case Studies

Cost Due to Duct Leakage; Return Duct Leakage vs. Supply Duct Leakage; and Sealing Energy Ductwork Thereby Reducing Energy Usage in Existing Residential Buildings (PDF)
Leakiness of forced-air distribution systems is one of the major causes of high-energy consumption in homes.

Insulation Comparison Demonstration
The purpose of this demonstration was to show the relative effectiveness and performance of two different strategies in the insulation of homes in Louisiana. We compared the power required to maintain the same temperature conditions in three identically constructed structures. The demonstration took place between July of 1998 and September of 1999.

Other Resources

Rebuilding and Restoration
A site created by the LSU AgCenter, Tulane City Center, and UNO-CHART for people who are rebuilding or restoring their homes following a hurricane. Though designed as a tool for participants in the Road Home program, it can be a valuable resource for anyone planning a building, restoration, renovation or remodeling project in Louisiana.

The Louisiana House - Home & Landscape Resource Center provides demonstration, training, and planning expertise on sustainability, energy efficiency, and other environmentally sound features.

LaHouse Online Training Center
Building Science, Best Practices and Building Code - based information and continuing education