Technology Assessment Division

For More Information or Copies of Publications

If you would like more information about us, printed copies of our publications or additional printed copies of our publications please contact:

Robin Dufilho
Department of Natural Resources
Technology Assessment Division
PO Box 94396
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9396

Phone: (225) 342-1270
FAX: (225) 342-1397

Many of the recent publications of the Technology Assessment Division are produced in printed copy and either HTML or PDF format.

Some of our reports, particularly those over two years old, are out of print and are available only on-line as you see them on this web site. There may however still be a few remaining printed copies in our files. Please feel free to contact us as to the report's availability.

Linking and Copyright Information

Most materials produced by the Technology Assessment Division of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, are intended for the general use of the citizens of Louisiana, and are therefore entered into the public domain. You are free to reproduce these items with reference to the Division as the source.

Some items included in our publications are copyrighted either by their originators or by contractors for the Department. To use these items it is essential you contact the copyright holders for permission before you reuse these materials.

The public domain use of our material includes linking to our website. You do not need to obtain special permission.

We do appreciate acknowledgment of the content we provide, and we prefer to be referred to as:
The Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Technology Assessment Division
Abbreviated as: DNR or in context as a division of DNR as TAD.