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DENR provides information dealing with an array of natural resources topics that may be of interest to teachers, researchers and students...and for the kids too! Here are a few samples...

Louisiana Energy Resources

Teacher Energy Resources

Energy Lesson Plans

Energy Quiz

Energy Hog
Energy Hog

Energy Facts Newsletters...from the DENR Technology Assessment Division

Did you know... Louisiana Energy Facts & Figures

Coal in Louisiana Learn about lignite development in Louisiana and read a detailed report about its uses and future prospects

Learn about how to recycle

Other useful energy resources and inks provided by DENR's Technology Assessment Division

Louisiana Environmental Resources / Student Quiz

Are You Environmentally Correct? Take the quiz to find out!

 Environmental Education Commission

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

DNR's Home Energy Rebate Option (HERO)

Louisiana Oil & Gas Resources

The first oil well in Louisiana The first oil well in Louisiana was drilled in 1901 in a rice field on the "Mamou Prairie" in the community of Evangeline near Jennings. Read the details!

Louisiana: Pipeline to the Nation 40,000 miles of pipelines!

Louisiana State Oil & Gas Museum
The first oil well in North Louisiana was started in 1904 by the Savage Brothers and Morrical. Read about early oil history in Louisiana. (Thanks to Secretary of State)

Visit the International Petroleum Museum and Exposition in Morgan City, Louisiana...the only place in the world where the general public can walk on an authentic offshore drilling rig! At this web site you can learn more about crude oil, and the history of how it has been produced.

Other oil and gas museums and reference sources

Other Louisiana Natural Resources

Louisiana is blessed with many other natural resources, from fish and wildlife to massive forests and beyond, some of which are managed and protected by other agencies, including:

Department of Agriculture & Forestry

Department of Wildlife & Fisheries

Louisiana Project Learning Tree

Wildlife & Fisheries Classroom Resources

You are encouraged to visit their Web sites to learn more about these other valuable Louisiana resources!

Louisiana Ground Water Resources

Visit the Ground Water Resources Education Depot to learn all about protecting your ground water.

Teachers, visit this page for more classroom resources!

Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Resources
Visit the web site for America's Wetland


An entire Web site devoted to Louisiana's vanishing resource: America's Wetland...visit it today, and get involved!

Louisiana Wetlands Functions and Values CD-ROM This CD-ROM includes educational presentations that cover wetlands functions and values, coastal wetlands land loss and restoration, the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) and wetlands conservation opportunities statewide. It is an excellent educational tool for students ranging from the 6th - 12th grades. There are no available copies of the CD at this time. However, DENR will reprint and make available to the public in Spring 2004. Contact: DENR at 1-800-267-4019, or on the Internet at

Louisiana Coastal Facts, a great two-page summary of important facts about population, marsh acreage, commerce, fishing, eco-tourism and other pertinent areas of interests to students!

Coastal Kids Corner
Louisiana has an abundance of natural resources, including 40% of the coastal wetlands of the lower 48 states. However, this resource is disappearing at a rapid rate. Louisiana has lost up to 40 square miles annually to coastal and wetlands erosion. Visit the site funded by CWPPRA ...coloring books, teaching guides, animal quiz, bird identification test, slide shows, animations, maps, and much more!

Kermit the Frog....helping save Louisiana's wetlands Kermit Goes to Washington: Joins Congress to Save Coast, Conserve Wildlife Want to hear what Kermit has to say about the Louisiana wetlands? Click here to listen to Kermit (248KB WAV)