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Institutional Energy

Performance Contracting

Performance Contracting
Complete information regarding the process for state entities to follow when entering into a guaranteed energy savings contract

Benefits of Performance Contracting
A brief list of the benefits of performance contracting

State Buildings

Energy Efficient Measures Taken in State Capital Complex Building Construction
The Louisiana Department of Energy and Natural Resources (LDENR ) worked with the Louisiana Division of Administration's Office of Facility Planning and Control for four years evaluating proposed energy conservation measures in the new LaSalle, Claiborne and Galvez buildings.


Learning From Disaster
A Vision and Plan for Sustainable Schools and Revitalized Public Education in New Orleans in the Wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

EnergySmart Schools
Web-Based Training on Operating and Maintaining EnergySmart Schools

Guide to Financing EnergySmart Schools [PDF]
This guide addresses common barriers associated with new construction, major renovations, and retro­fit projects in high­-performance schools.


Advanced Energy Design Guides
The AEDG series provides design guidance for buildings that use 50% less energy than those built to the requirements of the ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-2004 commercial code, and are specific to prominent building types across each of the eight U.S. climate zones.

Advanced Energy Retrofit Guide for Healthcare Facilities
The Advanced Energy Retrofit Guide (AERG) for Healthcare Facilities is part of a series of retrofit guides commissioned by the U.S. Department of Energy. The guides provide a practical roadmap for effectively planning and implementing performance improvements in existing buildings.

Relevant Legislation

Act 1184 of the 2001 Regular Session
Energy Management Policy for State Buildings

Act 869 of the 2004 Regular Session
Performance-based energy efficiency contracting for services and equipment.

Act 989 of the 2003 Regular Session
Requires performance-based energy contracts to be reviewed, approved, and overseen by the Office of Facility Planning and Control

Act 814 of the 2006 Regular Session
Provides for award of certain Performance-based energy efficiency contracts by political subdivisions

Act 270 of the 2007 Regular Session
Requires that certain state-funded major facility projects meet energy efficiency standards.