Office of Coastal Management

PermitTrak System

The Office of Coastal Management maintains a robust database to track all of the applications for permit and consistency authorizations as well as the enforcement cases as each application progresses through the procedure for authorization. (Note, for a description of each of these application types, refer to our home page.) This database is essential to our staff to monitor the large number of applications that are handled. It is also used by the industry and individuals who submit applications to track the status of their respective applications. The information in the database is "live," that is, as the information is updated, those updates are immediately displayed on the web pages. The information contained in the database is also used extensively by other state and federal natural resource agencies, local governments, university researchers, environmental and community associations, and various industry groups including oil and gas production and transmission; developers, realtors and builders; and dredging and navigation.

Coastal Use Permit Database

Applications for Coastal Use Permits are required for projects that may impact coastal waters such as any project involving dredge or fill, water control structures, bulkheads, oil and gas facilities, marina or residential development.

Consistency Database

Consistency Trak is the database for Consistency applications. Consistency applications are submitted for projects by Federal Agencies, funded by federal monies, or occurring on Federal lands. The consistency database contains similar information to permits but many of the data fields are different, due to the different procedure to process consistencies.

Enforcement Database

Enforcement cases are opened if an activity is conducted without a permit or exceed the scope of their permit. The enforcement database contains the name of the suspected violator, pertinent dates, status of the case and type of violation.

Local Program Database

The Local Program database contains information from the CMD permit database and the local coastal agency for those permits that are deemed to be handled by the local programs. This information includes a number assigned by the local program, the local program status, and determination as well as an indicator of whether mitigation is required.