Interagency Affairs & Field Services Division

Charles Reulet 

617 North Third Street
P.O. Box 44487
Baton Rouge Louisiana 70821-4487
Voice 225.342.0861

The Interagency Affairs & Field Services Division of the Louisiana Department of Energy and Natural Resources is charged with implementing the LouisianaCoastal Resources Program (LCRP) under authority of the State and Local Coastal Resources Management Act, as amended (Act 361, La. R.S. 49:214.21 et seq). This law seeks to protect, develop, and, where feasible, restore or enhance the resources of the state's coastal zone. Its broad intent is to encourage multiple uses of resources and adequate economic growth while minimizing adverse effects of one resource use upon another without imposing undue restrictions on any user. Besides striving toDelta balance conservation and resources, the guidelines and policies of the LCRP also help to resolve user conflicts, encourage coastal zone recreational opportunities, and determine the future course of coastal development and conservation. The guidelines are designed so that development in the Coastal Zone can be accomplished with the greatest benefit and the least amount of damage. The LCRP is an effort among Louisiana citizens, as well as state, federal and local advisory and regulatory agencies.

The Interagency Affairs & Field Services Division participates in the regulation of development activities and management of resources within the Coastal Zone. In addition to ensuring that compliance with the LCRP is reached via enforcement and federal consistency, theSkimmer division provides the Permits/Mitigation Division with field reports on Coastal Use Permits.  A prime concern of the State is to regulate activities that may directly or indirectly lead to the loss of wetlands and coastal resources, as well as to reduce conflicts between resource users. The division supports coastal Parishes in implementing approved Local Coastal Programs, and serves as a State trustee for natural resource damage assessment for oil spills. The division also provides programs for the compensation of commercial fisherman, reduction of coastal non-point source pollution, and coastal community resilience efforts. For more specific information about the various programs and sections, click one of the links listed below.