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The Contract and Grants Management Division prepares and processes all DENR contracts and coordinates contractor selection to ensure that contractual obligations are entered into in full compliance with departmental policies, Division of Administration Office of Contractual Review (OCR) regulations, and applicable laws.

The division operates a monitoring system to review and evaluate contractor performance and delivery of services in coordination with program managers. The Division also coordinates all federal funding assistance agreements for the Department.

RSIQ Archives (Successful Proposers)

Request for Statement of Interest and Qualifications (RSIQ) and the successful proposer(s) from previous postings will be posted here.


Number Description Successful


OCPR Engineering Services for Coastal Restoration Projects

 Moffatt & Nichol
Lonnie G Harper & Associates, Inc.
HDR Engineering, Inc.
Stanley Consultants, Inc.

2503-10-99 OCPR Surveying Services for Coastal Restoration Projects

John Chance Land Surveys
C&C Technologies Survey Services

2503-10-100 OCPR Geotechnical Services for Coastal Restoration Projects Geoengineers, Inc.
ABFP-11-02 Professional Landman Services for Atchafalaya Basin

SJB Group, LLC
Independent Land Services

ABFP-11-12 Engineering Services for Atchafalaya Basin Program (ABP) Projects

C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates
PBS&J, Inc.
Sigma Consulting Group, Inc.
T. Baker Smith, Inc.

2503-11-71 Engineering Services for Coastal Protection & Restoration

Coastal Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Coast & Harbor Engineering
Acadian Engineers & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
Fenstermaker & Associates, Inc.
T. Baker Smith
Royal Engineers and Consultants
Atkins North America
GEC, Inc.
Providence Engineering and Environmental Group

2503-11-72 Geotechnical Services for Coastal Protection & Restoration Ardaman & Associates, Inc.
2503-11-73 Surveying Services for Coastal Protection & Restoration Lowe Engineers
Morris P. Hebert


Engineering Services for Coastal Restoration and Protection Projects

Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure
MWH Americas
Sigma Consulting Group
CH2M Hill
CDM Smith
Tetra Tech

2503-12-55 Surveying Services for Coastal Protection and Restoration Projects EMC
Hydro Terra Technologies 
2503-12-56 Geotechnical Services for Coastal Protection and Restoration Projects Eustis Engineering
2027-13-01 State Energy Program Grant Assistance   Catherine Lam
2503-13-63 Surveying Services for CPRA

C&C Technologies

John Chance Land Surveyors

Lonnie G. Harper & Associates

2503-13-61 Engineering Services for CPRA

Ben C. Gerwick, Inc.

HDR Engineering, Inc.

HNTB Corporation

Moffatt & Nichol

Neel-Schaffer, Inc.

Stanley Consultants

Stantec Consulting Services


2503-13-62 Geotechnical Services for CPRA  GeoEngineers, Inc.  
2503-14-51 Engineering Services for CPRA

Arcadis U.S., Inc.

Atkins North America, Inc.

BCG Engineering & Consulting, Inc.

Baird & Associates, Ltd.

Coast & Harbor Engineering

Coastal Engineering Consultants, Inc.

C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates, LLC

GEC, Inc.

Lonnie G. Harper and Associates, Inc.

Providence Engineering & Environmental Group, LLC

Royal Engineers and Consultants, LLC

2503-14-52 Surveying Services for CPRA

Chustz Surveying, Inc.

Morris P. Hebert, Inc.

2503-14-53 Geotechnical Services for CPRA  Ardaman & Associates, Inc.
2503-15-31 Accounting Services for Deepwater Horizon Oil SPill Natural Resource Damage Assessment  No Info 
2503-15-32 Engineering Services for CPRA

Burk-Kleinpeter, Inc.

Sigma Consulting Group, Inc.

Design Engineering, Inc.

Tetra Tech

Evans Graves Enginners, Inc.

MWH Americas, Inc.

CB&I Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc.

CH2M Hill Engineers, Inc.

2503-15-33  Surveying Services for CPRA

T. Baker Smith, LLC

Hydroterra Technologies, LLC 

2503-15-34 Geotechnical Services for CPRA Eustis Engineering Services, LLC
2503-15-49 Exhibit Fabrication and Installation Services for the Center for River Studies Coastal Exhibit Area Explus Incorporated