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Contracts & Grants Division

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The Contract and Grants Management Division prepares and processes all DENR contracts and coordinates contractor selection to ensure that contractual obligations are entered into in full compliance with departmental policies, Division of Administration Office of State Procurement - Professional Contracts (OSP-PC) regulations, and applicable laws.

The division operates a monitoring system to review and evaluate contractor performance and delivery of services in coordination with program managers. The Division also coordinates all federal funding assistance agreements for the Department.

RFP Archives and Successful Proposers

Request for Proposals (RFP) and the successful proposer(s) from previous postings will be posted here.


Number Description Successful
2033-10-01 ARRA Implementation of SEP and EECBG Programs Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, Inc.
2033-10-07 Monitoring, Verification and Provide Online Reports for the ARRA of 2009 IEM
2215-10-03 Statewide Ground Water Management Plan Ecology and Environment
2503-10-63 Professional Land Services for Coastal Protection and Restoration Projects GCR & Associates, Inc.
SJB Group, Inc.
Oil Land Services
Professional Engineering Consultants Corporation
Independent Land Services, LLC
2503-10-82 General Real Estate and Oyster Lease Appraisal Services Stegall, Benton & Associates, LLC
2515-10-12 Joint Public Notice Providence Technical Services, LLC
2014-11-02 Program Monitor for Disaster Recovery

Providence Technical Services, LLC
Postlethwaite & Netterville
Deloitte & Touche
Judy B. Martin

2400-11-08 SONRIS Post Implementation and Support Methods Technology Solutions
2501-11-01 Data Management for NRDA, Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Technology Engineers
2529-11-01 Underwater Debris Removal IEM
2029-12-01 Home Energy Loan Program and Home Energy Rebate Option Program Assistance Bradley R. Harris
2503-12-34 Economic Evaluatoin of Coastal Land Loss

RAND Corportaion

2503-12-47 Professional Land Services

Oil Land Services
SJB Group
Access Land and Title Services

2503-12-66 Coastal Protection & System Integration Methods Technology Solutions, LLC
2511-12-09 Environmental Science Consulting Services Coastal Estuary Services
2503-13-02 Professional Land Services to CPRA LAPAC
2503-13-26 Environmental Science Consulting Services

BEM Systems
Brown and Caldwell
CDM Smith

2503-13-34 Professional Land Services


GCR, Inc.

2503-13-36 Professional Oyster Biology


T. Baker Smith

2503-13-37 Fianical Service Assistance Information Services Group
2503-13-67 Environmental science Consulting Services

CH2M Hill Engineers, Inc.

Moffat & Nichol

Royal Engineers

Tetra Tech, Inc.

URS Corporation

2516-13-11 Joint Public Notice Providence 
2533-13-01 Coastal Zone Energy Platform Inventory CH Fenstermaker 
2503-14-08 RESTORE Act Center of Excellence The Water Institute of the Gulf
2503-14-40 General Real Estate and Oyster Lease Appraisal Services Stegall, Benton & Associates
 2514-14-06 Program and Project Management Services in Support of the Project Management Division for CPRA None, RFP Cancelled
2011-14-02 Program Monitor for Disaster Recovery None, RFP Cancelled
2503-15-29 Program Development and Support None, RFP Cancelled
2529-15-01 Waterway Debris Removal Project Support and Monitoring None, RFP Cancelled
2503-15-30 Professional Land Services

Land Management Services, LLC

LaPac, LLC

2529-15-02 Waterway Debris Removal Project Support and Monitoring IEM
2511-15-01 Coastwide Reference Monitoring System Coastal Estuary
 3000003555 Accounting Services for Disaster Recovery for DENR & DEQ 

Judy Martin


Postlethwaite & Netterville 

 2503-15-35 Professional Land Services 

Oil Land Services

GCR Inc.

Coastal Consulting and Land Services, LLC

Mark A. O'Neal and Associates 

3000004198 RFP for DENR Joint Public Notice Providence Technical Services, LLC
 2503-16-02 RFP for Environmental Sciences Consulting Services 


GEC, Inc.

CDM Smith

Royal Engineers & Consultants, Inc.


Tetra Tech

Atkins North America, Inc.



SWCA Environmental Consultants


Parson's Environmental & Infrastructure Group, Inc.

 2503-16-17 RFP for Project System and ERP/SAP Assistance - Public Sector (CPRA)  Information Services Group