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Surface Mining Regulatory Program

Danielle Duhe
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The Program covers all aspects of the regulation of active coal mines, including permitting, performance bonds, reclamation plans, and provides for public participation in the permitting, bonding and release of performance bonds.

The Program also performs inspections of surface coal mining operations for compliance with environmental protection performance standards, issues Notices of Violation and Cessation Orders when necessary, assesses Civil Penalties, and makes follow-up inspections to ensure compliance with the Louisiana Surface Mining and Reclamation Act and the Louisiana Surface Mining Regulations.

Solid mineral (including sand and gravel) mines do not require a mining permit from the Department of Energy and Natural Resources, but may require several permits from other agencies.   Please refer to the Non-Coal Mining Information page for important contact information. 

Permit LSM-3: Dolet Hills Mine, Mansfield,LA
Dragline mining lignite from pit.
Program Responsiblities
  • Permitting coal mining operations
  • Inspecting coal mines
  • Review of designs and proposals for new and existing coal mines
Policy Statements
Application & Guidance Documents
Permits in Review

LSM-1-A 2020-2025 Permit Renewal:

LSM-5 2020 Permit Revision: