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The Exploration & Production Waste Management Program is responsible for implementation of regulatory controls for commercial Exploration & Production (E&P) Waste storage, treatment, and disposal facilities as well as coordinating all UIC related enforcement actions brought against commercial Class II injection well operators who violate rules and regulations. Commercial E&P Waste facility operations may include the use of various treatment and disposal options such as Class II injection well disposal, land treatment, phase separation, chemical fixation, thermal desorption, cavern disposal or incineration.


Rules and Procedures

NOTE: Please follow the link pathway above to the current Louisiana Administrative Code. Scroll down to Title 43:XIX Natural Resources: Office of Conservation-General Operations & click the link to download the current copy. Scroll down to Chapter 5 for Commerical Offsite E&P Waste Regulations.

E&P Waste Descriptions

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E&P Waste Studies


Exploration and Production Waste Regulatory Compliance Guidance

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