From the Office of Conservation

“Effective August 12, 2016, the financial security emergency rule implemented on April 14, 2016 will end. As such, all applications for new Permits to Drill for Minerals and all operator change amendments postmarked after August 12, 2016 will require financial security in accordance with the applicable regulations (29B). Therefore, operators who were formerly exempt from providing financial security due to being a compliant operator for 4 years or more will now be required to provide financial security for new permits and operator change amendments.

Additionally, financial security instruments that do not meet the 29B tiers will not be able to be amended/replaced without complying with the new 29B amounts (ie, a $25,000 blanket financial security instrument with room for more wells on the Exhibit A will only be amended after August 12th if the total amount of the instrument is increased to $50,000). Instruments received prior to August 12th will be grandfathered in unless amended/replaced after August 12th.

Please visit the financial security website for more information, or contact our office at (225) 342-5540, financial security, with any specific questions.”