Louisiana Oil Crisis Forum - February 10, 1999

The State Mineral Board held a special meeting, the Louisiana Oil Crisis Forum, Wednesday, February 10, 1999 in Baton Rouge to focus on the current oil industry's crisis and its impact in Louisiana. Industry representatives and state officials were invited to present topical information and recommendations to the Board resulting in a report to the Governor and Legislature for their review and consideration. Shown below is the report from the Forum.





Transmittal Letter to Governor Foster

Table of Contents
Mineral Board Members
Chronology of Events
Report Summary
Jack Caldwell - Secretary, Department of Energy and Natural Resources
Kevin Reilly - Secretary, Department of Economic Development
Linda Prudhomme - Metrovision, Regional Chamber of N.O.
Leon Kahn - Leon Kahn, Morgan City, Louisiana
Don J. Hutchinson - U.S. Senator Landrieu's Office
Bob Baumann - LSU Center for Energy Studies
Jim Porter - President, Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association
Fred Palmer - Government Affairs, Texaco
Tom Blank - Vice President, Union Pacific Resources
Art Price - CFO, Badger Oil Corporation
Robert Meredith - CEO, Hogan Exploration
Don Briggs - President, Louisiana Independent Oil and Gas Assoc.
William Daniel - Independent Producer/Petroleum Engineer
George Gibson - Attorney, Bois d'Arc Operating Corporation
Robert Gravolet - Louisiana Assessor's Association
Jack Walker - World Trade Center of New Orleans
Jesse Coates - Breton Sound Resources, L.L.C.
Cop Perez - Belle Chasse Properties
Joseph R. Hunter, Sr. - Joe Hunter Real Estate
L. W. Paxton - Paxton Oil Company (written comments)
Mineral Board Resolutions
Media Coverage