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Latest Energy Data

Spot Market Prices - Monthly Average

May 2011

Louisiana Natural Gas
4.24 $/MMBTU
NYMEX Henry Hub
Last Settle Gas Price
4.38 $/MMBTU
Louisiana Sweet Crude
- St. James
116.44 $/Barrel
Drilling Permits - State Jurisdiction Only

April 2011

Total Louisiana Oil and Gas
Louisiana Wildcats
Louisiana Offshore
(Wildcats included)
Severance - Oil and Gas Full Rates
Fiscal Year 2010-2011
$0.164 per MCF
12 ½% of Value
Fiscal Year 2011-2012
$0.164 per MCF
12 ½% of Value
Severance tax rates for other minerals and reduced oil and gas rates, see the severance tax page.
More Historical Data: Louisiana Energy Facts and Figures